Empowering your practice with PPI’s curated collection of leading-edge technology solutions

Increase productivity and revenue with this collection of complementary tools selected to help you design insurance and wealth solutions and produce presentations and compliance documents – many customized with your logo.

PPI Toolkit Direct

LAUNCH | web-based presentations, compliance documents and quick access to industry-wide illustration software

Run mobile-friendly needs analysis, insurance funding options, estate protection calculators and presentations, plus PPI’s Practice Assistant with customizable compliance documents. See and update the status of your software at the press of a button! Learn more.


Identify sales opportunities in your in-force block, generate leads and, customize sales presentations

Use AmpLiFi to identify sales opportunities, such as term conversions, re-writes, and switches, policy anniversaries and client birthdays, within your inforce policies, generate leads, and run, share and track engagement with customized sales presentations.
(Available to qualified users. Speak with your PPI Collaboration Centre for more information.) Learn more.

Compulife (Simplified)

LAUNCH | web-based insurance premium surveys

Compare the premium rates for several products of the major Canadian insurance carriers. Includes a free simplified online version above, and a full desktop version including JLTD. Request a desktop version 6-month free trial | Advantage Program members, for complimentary desktop software contact your local office.


LOGIN | investor prospecting, proposals, and ongoing management

Compare an existing investment portfolio’s performance with your recommended solutions. CapIntel Integrates PPI’s Investor Risk Profile and offers custom proposals, including Value of a Segregated Fund and fund-specific presentations for select carriers. Learn more. For complimentary access: contact your regional PPI Director, Business Development, Wealth.


LAUNCH | tax efficient retirement income strategies

Present optimized retirement income cash flows using planning projections and withdrawal strategy comparisons. Calculate tax-efficient withdrawal plans and produce Advisor reports and client presentations that compare multiple income tax reduction strategies. You can upgrade to the Pro Version with a 60-Day Free Trial or discounted monthly subscription.

Financial Calculator Bundle

LAUNCH | simple, client friendly calculators

Use and share this wealth of client friendly insurance and investment calculators to illustrate simple concepts, uncover needs, and encourage financial planning.

Your Link Between

LAUNCH | client/prospect facing blog (customized with your logo & contact info)

Personalize PPI’s ‘The Link Between’ blog with your logo and automatically notify your subscribers every time new articles, videos and tools are published. All content is shareable to your favourite social media platforms. View a sample.

Preferred Provider Offers


LOGIN | retirement income & Insurance needs

Analyze clients' financial and risk management needs and scenarios, project and present retirement cash flow and net worth options, and demonstrate the need for personal and estate life insurance.
Learn more and sign up now (10% PPI discount and free 30-day trial).

Snap Projections

LOGIN | financial goal assistant

Educate clients and help manage behaviour more effectively with Snap Projections by comparing where they are now to where they wish to be. For questions, contact Snap Projections Customer Support at 1-888-758-7977 (ext. 2) or at support@snapprojections.com
Sign up now - promo code PPI10 (10% off Advisor Professional and Advisor Business).