Connect with your Clients with Toolkit Direct

Toolkit has long been an advisor's partner in creating compelling insurance and financial presentations for your clients. Now we’re taking Toolkit to the next level. Toolkit Direct is your new cloud-based client presentation software.

Toolkit Direct provides you with the power of Toolkit from anywhere, at anytime. You can run it on any device that can run an internet browser, and it’s lightning fast. You’ll find the same presentation outputs you are used to in a convenient PDF format.

What’s more, the new format gives you a dynamic tool that you can manipulate in real-time with your client.

Toolkit Direct comes with two applets at the moment. Our Insurance Needs Analysis will help you demonstrate to a client how much insurance they need to protect their family and prepare for the future. Insurance for Your Whole Life is a great tool for presenting Par Whole Life to your clients. But that’s just the start! We will continue adding applets from our existing Toolkit as well as entirely new applets to support you and your clients.

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New to Toolkit?

PPI Toolkit is our flagship marketing tool for advisors to present complex insurance solutions in the simplest form possible. Customized to your clients needs, and branded to your business, Toolkit is a great way to create printable face-to-face presentations for your clients. Contact your local PPI office to learn more.